Wendy L Courchaine
The Others Among Us
Do Aliens exist here on earth? Find out in this fast paced horror fiction novel where the battle between aliens and humans do battle for the right to rule our planet.

Follow this action packed adventure where the  mighty warrior called Bowden battles other  worldly animal species to find the one thing that will save his kingdom and the woman he loves.

A Woman in the Wild
Travel across the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon as a young girl becomes the woman she was meant to be in the wildnerss of the northwest territory.

Author of several books in the horror and fantasy adventure genre, I have been writing since I was a child.  Fascinated by other realities, I began to write of things that go "bump in the night" and other worldly creatures that have invaded our planet living in the underbelly of society.  Come escape with me into these worlds and join my cast of characters that defy the odds to conquer creatures and beings that aren't of our own.

If horror and adventure aren't your thing, then jump in and read my historical novels that will take you back to the time when our country was expanding into unknown territories and live what they experienced as if you were there.

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